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VentureHeat is the industry's leader in tech-enabled heated outerwear and accessories. Our Xtreme Comfort Technology heating system was designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast.


Xtreme Warmth 
While traditional outerwear attempts to trap your body heat between layers of insulation, XCT uses active heat to provide optimal heat and warmth. This eliminates bulk and improves your mobility all while keeping you warm.

Xtreme Comfort
XCT utilizes revolutionary micro-fiber heating elements for lightweight, flexible clothing. The heating panels are soft, pliable and hair-thin. They evenly distribute energy-efficient heat to ensure that the warmth will stay next to your body where you need it most.

Xtreme Comfort Technology not only keeps you warm and comfortable, but helps you to look great as well by offering a tailored fit without the bulky insulation of traditional cold weather gear.

With multiple heating elements strategically placed throughout the garment, you can be sure that you will be warm no matter the conditions. Make every adventure a warm adventure with Xtreme Comfort Technology.

One Touch Temperature Controller

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12V Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner with Wireless Remote

Jacket $269.99

VentureHeat’s 12V Heated Jacket Liner is a dream come true for any motorcycle rider taking on the elements. This lightweight jacket is windproof and waterblocking to help protect you from the cold weather. Its slim design, and form-fitting construction allow you to wear this jacket liner underneath your regular riding jacket.

With a built-in temperature controller, you can adjust the heat to 3 different heat settings with just the touch of a button. This heated jacket also features a wireless remote which can be attached to your handlebars so that you can control the heat without ever having to take your eyes off of the road.

Pick up your 12V heated jacket liner today and start enjoying your rides even more!


  • - Wireless Remote Included
  • - Pre-Wired Glove Connectors
  • - Slim, Form-Fitting Design

  • Multi-Zone Heating

    The heaters are strategically located on the front, back, sleeves and collar of the jacket to create the most effective heating performance.
  • Included Temp. Controller

    Cycle through the 4 temperature settings to dial in the perfect micro-climate for you as you need it, when you need it the entire duration of your ride.
    The heated jacket liner also comes with a wireless remote. To begin using the wireless remote start by plugging in the receiver into the powerbox located in the jacket liner.  Once plugged in, turn on the remote first by holding the button down until it lights up.  Install the mounting bracket on the left handlebar away from your vehicle’s throttle control for added safety.
    After the controller lights up, you can now turn on the jacket and begin changing heat settings with the wireless remote.  Change settings by clicking on the button located on the wireless remote.  The jacket is best used by either solely using the remote or using the controller on the jacket itself.
  • Xtreme Comfort Technology

    With Xtreme Comfort Technology, we eliminated bulky insulation and coils which impede mobility, and replaced them with hair-thin, micro fibers allowing for a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers.
  • 12V Direct Connection

    The 12V Heated Jacket is powered by the existing battery of your motorcycle and will provide heat as long as you're on the road. Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the body. This non-intrusive configuration allows you to maintain the same look and feel to your bike without cables interfering.

    This jacket features pre-wired glove connectors hidden away in the sleeves. They can be used with our 12V Heated Motorcycle Gloves and the temperature in the gloves can be controlled separately from the temperature setting of the jacket liner.

    You may also use the 12V Heated Glove Liners (MC-60) with this jacket and the temperature of the gloves will be on the maximum heat setting when plugged in as the pre-wired connection provides full power. To turn the heat off when using the glove liners with this jacket, simply unplug the connection.
  • Size Chart

    Included:Package Dimensions:
    1 12V Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner16" X 14" X 3"
    1 Wireless Remote3.2 lbs
    1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit
    Amps: 7Material: Nylon Outer Shell
    Power: 12 Volt DC
    This heated jacket liner features a form-fitting cut to maximize the amount of heat felt and is designed to fit comfortably underneath your regular motorcycle riding jackt.
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    The warranty period for our products is as follows: Battery Heated Clothing - 12 Months, 12V Power Sports Gear - 12 Months, Heat Therapy Wraps - 12 Months, Batteries - 6 Months.

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